Shift Happens releases on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4

Dear friends, enemies, co-op enthusiasts and alike!

Shift Happens, our first game, is officially released. Here’s the full press release.

This is a big step for us. The game has been in development for about four years now. You can get it for PC and Xbox One right now and for PS4 in two weeks.

It has been such a tremendous experience for everyone here at the team, we want to say thank you to all our supporters. Especially Friends and Families, who have been there for us in every moment of this process.

Also a big thank you, in our trusted friends at Fairytale Distillery and Mimimi Productions.
Thank you for lifting the prototype off the ground with your funding, FFF-Bayern, especially Michaela.
Thanks for supporting us, putting in some extra QA hours and generally being great partners, Deck13, especially Jan, Marco, Felix and Michael
Thank you for initial feedback and advice, Csongor.
Thanks to our Alma Mater, the Mediadesign Hochschule, where we all met and kicked things off.
Thank you, for making that one night our biggest success yet, Deutscher Computerspielpreis, especially to the Stiftung Digitale Spielkultur, BIU and GAME.
Thanks for your amazing Music, Pippo. And for the quirky sounds, Ramon. And for the voicing, Julian.
Thank you Unity, for providing the tools to our work.
Thank you Blender & Community for one of the best OpenSource Software there is.
Thank you for helping us through a period of desperation, Alfons and Christian.
Thanks for having our back, anywhere we went and no matter how stupid it was, Klaus.
Thanks for covering our tracks and reading our contracts, Christian.
Thank you for general advice, Phil and Rainer.
Thanks doing our taxes and accounting, and being interested and uncomplicated,  Sebastian Held and Susanne Kreck.
Thank you for being our customers, Airbus, Deutsches Museum, Theiler & Theiler, USM, BTS, FLSmidth, and many more.
Thank you, dear interns, for being patient and busy. Coco, Sebastian and Marie especially. Also our first intern, that convinced us of doing interships: Tobia. And of course Battlekorken, the one and only.
Thanks for providing shelter, coffee and being an amazing landlord, werksviertel.de
Thank you Oliver, Wolf, Linda, Silja, Jana, Sven, Dajo for the amazing times at the Indie Arena Booth.
Thank you for looking after us, inviting us for breakfast and being open for all our requests, Werk1 München.
Thank you for the whiskey and advice, Hendrik & Volker.
Thank you, Munich Game Dev collective for great meetups.
Thanks Aras for replying to random problems on twitter.
Thanks Insert Moin, for always inviting Robin and keeping him of the streets.

Congratulations to our one production baby, Timon.

Thank you, dear players and customers, for putting your trust in us.

Website: shifthappensgame.com
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/359840
Xbox One: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/Shift-Happens/C2DHMPHX520Q
presskit: presskit.klonk-games.com/sheet.php?p=shift_happens


Announcing the release of Shift Happens for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Shift Happens console launch 22.2.2017

We are happy to tell you, Shift Happens will hit the digital shelves of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One Store on February 22. 2017. We are very very excited and are happy to finally release the game to these platforms, bringing Bismo and Plom to your living room.

Press Release:



Shift Happens wins “Goldenen Spatz” award

After our successful visit to the German Video Game Awards, we were super happy to hear Shift Happens was also nominated for the children media awards “Goldener Spatz”, which translates into “Golden Sparrow”. At the festival, we were awarded the prize for “Indie-Game4Kids”. Matt was in the city of Erfurt on the 10th of June 2016 to accept the prize on stage on behalf of the team.

Mathias nimmt Goldenen Spatz entgegen

We are especially happy about this prize, as the jury consists of children and they get to chose their favorite games. We are very glad you liked the game and you chose it as your favorite. A big thank you from our whole team to the jury, the festival organizers and all the people who made Shift Happens possible. The award means a lot for us.

We will take your critique into account and work on the story of Bismo and Plom for our next title, pinky promise!

Extract from the German jury decision[translation by us]:

All in all Shift Happens is an enjoyable and fun Jump and Run game, which convinced us with its child-friendly graphics, its promotion of teamwork, its clear goal, its big selection of levels and most importantly its huge enjoyability.

The prize is meant to honor child-friendly media productions in Germany. This years winners can be found here: http://goldenerspatz.de/festival/preistraeger.html

Shift Happens will come out this summer on PC and Xbox One. Playstation is due later this year. If you want to stay in touch for launch, consider adding your email to our list and we’ll let you know as soon as the game launches with a special discount.


Shift Happens wins big at German Video Game Awards 2016

Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2016

Still a little hungover, we are more than happy to be awarded two out of three prizes at the German Video Game Awards this year. We won “Best Gamedesign” and “Best Children Game“, and were even nominated for “Best German Game“.

We are INCREDIBLY proud to be on stage and receive these awards, they mean the world to us. Long hard work paying off by being recognized as a worthy studio with a worthy title. Being up there, alongside with friends, colleagues and mentors was simply put and amazing experience. We celebrated with so many people we lost count.

Shift Happens is approaching release and we’re looking forward to present the game on PC and Xbox One this summer. The release on Ps4 is a little delayed, but we’re confident to make it happen soonish.

You can still buy Shift Happens at a discount on Steam during its Early Access: store.steampowered.com/app/359840

Info for press and Streamers can be found and downloaded here: presskit.klonk-games.com/sheet.php?p=shift_happens

Thank all of you, who made this possible.


Shift Happens is nominated for “Best German Game”


We were nominated for German Video Game Award DCP for three awards. When the news hit, we were super excited and slowly we’re turning back to normal mode. After a few days of digesting the news, I wanted to say some words.

What this nomination means to us

The federal ministry of transportation and digital infrastructure, the BIU, the GAME and the Stiftung digitale Spielekultur, the hosts of the show, are using this prize as a recognition and support for games developed in Germany. We have been nominated in the past and unfortunately did not take home the award then. Still, that nomination was one of the many reasons that made us keep developing games. I am very happy to see that the ministry split the pot for the “newcomer” prize between all nominations since then. This will help small studios a lot. 10k can mean a lot for a small studio just in the progress of founding.

The prize is an institution that is worth a lot to studios like us. Not only is the amount of money a very significant funding opportunity for a next title, but also being recognized by a federal institution as a “worthy industry” means a lot.

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