Mercury Shift

Our first actual finished game is Mercury Shift. Although we now refer to it as Mercury Shift 2D, its official name is just Mercury Shift.

It was developed as a prototype for a school project, but we decided to go the hard way and finish the game, including the post-release blues.

The game was released on Kongregate and received a quite good reception. Thanks to our playertracking, we now know that more than a million people played the game and are still playing it.

With its predecessor Mercury Shift 3D we want to implement all the things, that either did not work out in the 2D version or were recorded in various feedback sessions.

“Stranded on a lonely planet, the two blobby aliens have only one wish: Get away from here! The ability to mass-shift allows your two characters to change their size, letting you jump higher or be stronger. Take a friend and together solve challenging and fun puzzles by pushing and throwing boxes and using seasaws or magnets to overcome obstacles. Complete the 14 challenging levels to collect all four energy tanks needed to repair the spaceship of the two friendly aliens and get back home.”

Play it on: Kongregate

or download Mercury Shift with XBox-Controller support