Michael Schilbach – Lead Code


We’re pretty sure he is some kind of a robot. That’s why we excluded his teampage via robots.txt. He won’t ever read this text. If he does, we are pretty much screwed because we found out about his identity. He exclusivly feeds on puns and cookies.

Michael, or “Mic”, already made some games and worked with Robin on their very first actual game “Deep-Sirius”. Looking back at the code, he gets all nostalgic.

Mic is responsible for layouting the software-structure for the games and keeping things together. He watches out for our tech in the background, pets the server and keeps everything running. His tools of the trade are text-editors and MonoDevelop. Being part of the matrix, he is probably the only one that will survive the robot uprising. Or even lead it. We are looking forward to post-apocalypse Klonk Games!

Sometimes you can catch him writing witty things on twitter: http://twitter.com/codermic